Hair Dressing 101: The First 5 Tools You Must Have

Comb and Hairdressing ShearsAs a young aspiring hairdresser, you probably started out cutting your doll’s hair with your school scissors. Then you would’ve convinced a friend to have you cut their hair to save a few bucks. You probably even stopped going to the salon and started cutting your own hair with whatever pair of scissors your mom had at home. Practising to be a hairdresser requires the right set of tools and the courage to use them.

Here’s a guide to the five most basic tools every new hairdresser must have.

The Hair Thinning Scissors

Also called texturising or thinning shears, this pair of scissors creates different types of textures depending on how it’s used. It can help hair lay down. It can make the hair look thinner. It can texturise the ends. Or it can also give hair more volume. The key is to know where to cut the hair to achieve the result you want.

The Basic Shears

Hair cutting shears are just like your kitchen scissors except it’s sharper and its blades are thinner. It’s a pair of scissors that are made specially to cut hair without folding or bending it. It makes a cleaner cut and creates harder straight lines when cutting hair.

Clippers & Trimmers

These tools are for shorter cuts, those closer to the scalp. And with undercuts and mohawks becoming more popular these days in both men and women, you’ll need them for those precision cuts and hairlines.


A cape is a good way to protect both you and your client from those itchy hair trimmings or from hair dye getting on your skin or clothes. You can have one for haircuts, and another for hair colouring.

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Neck Duster

This is a clean-up tool that’ll make it easier for your clients to remove hair trimmings from their neck and face. Invest in one that comes with a powder dispenser that makes it easier for hair to be removed.

You can kick-start your hairdressing career with these five essential tools. And as you continue to learn and hone your skills as a hairdresser, you can add your tools and grow your business as you see fit.