Going Organic: Why It’s Worth a Try

a blemish-free woman using organic skin care productsThey might be a tad more expensive than their commercial counterparts, but more and more people are still shifting to organic products for a variety of reasons. Having organic fruits and produce have the obvious benefits of higher nutritional value. How about skin care?

Do you use organic suntan oil, sunscreen or your daily moisturizer? Bali Body will be the first tell you that you’re missing out if you didn’t know about organic that skin care products. Here are some of the reasons why you should continue using them along with other organic skin care products.

Free from Toxic Chemicals

Advancements in technology have ushered the increasing use of synthetic chemicals on almost everything the human body needs. From food, clothing, to skin care products — name it, and there will most probably be a human-made chemical present. Too much consumption of these chemicals in different ways can pose various threats to the human body. Taking a break from all the toxic substances and switching to organic can truly be beneficial to your health.


Huge machines, animal testing, and dumping of waste in bodies of water are just some of the ways technology is destroying the Earth. Because organic products are chemical-free, there is no need to process them in massive machines. There is also no need for animal testing, making it a very environmentally friendly option.

Good for Sensitive Skin

Breakouts, red spots, and troubled skin? Too many chemicals can do more harm than good, especially when it comes to sensitive skin. Shifting to a less invasive option can give your skin room to breathe, not to mention a time to heal by itself.

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Healthier Body

As we already know, many manufactured products contain many harmful chemicals. As such, going organic, whether it be in your food or skin care products, can help give you a healthier body.

Still don’t understand the “fad” of organic products? Try and experience it for yourself to find out.