Getting Things Right with Tooth Replacement

dentist holding a dental implant modelWhen it comes to picking a dental practice to provide good quality dental implants in Edinburgh, one can’t be too fussy. Questions to get answer to include:

  • Will the tooth match other teeth in the mouth perfectly?
  • Will the procedure be performed by an experienced practitioner?
  • Will the dental implant be good quality?

A dental implant in Edinburgh needs to be just right. The procedure costs a few pennies to say the least, so people should be confident about their practice choice. Luckily patients looking to get dental implants in Edinburgh have a few good options. One of the reliable dental practices offering dental implants in the area is Edinburgh Dental Specialists. Their prices are refreshing too.

Why dental implants in Edinburgh?

Nobody wants to put up with a missing tooth. Having gaps is not a good look. But more than that, missing teeth can cause many problems. These include:

  • Problems with chewing food
  • Difficulty pronouncing words
  • Neighbouring teeth moving towards the gap
  • Jawbone health becoming diminished.

These are some of the main reasons why getting teeth and their roots replaced is important. Thankfully they can be restored with dental implants in Edinburgh. Dental implants, assuming patients choose a good dental practice, are a great tooth restoration option. They’re natural-looking, strong, easy-to-clean, and fix all of the problems outlined above.

What is a dental implant?

The implant itself is a replacement tooth root made from titanium. This titanium fuses with the jawbone to create a strong foundation for the colour-matched crown that fits on top. The crown is made of porcelain. Dental implants, once they have settled in and healed, feel, look, and perform just like natural teeth. Patients can enjoy forgetting all about their missing teeth as a dental implant is so much like an own-grown tooth.

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Cleaning and maintenance of dental implants in Edinburgh

One of the beauties of dental implants is that they can be cleaned just like any other tooth in the mouth. Of course, this means cleaning the dental implants, and all the teeth, very well. Flossing and brushing properly is key to good tooth maintenance. This goes for any tooth, dental implant or not.