Getting Ready for the Snowy Season: Preparing Your Commercial Landscape for Winter

Getting rid of the autumn leaves for winterWinter will arrive in a matter of weeks. As the cold season approaches, individuals who have a lawn on their commercial property should get their landscape ready before the first snowflake hits the ground. By preparing for colder weather, the landscape will be ready to grow and thrive when temperatures warm up again. If you want to set your landscape for success next spring, keep these things in mind when you make your preparations.

Have Your Irrigation System Winterized

Before the first freeze occurs, it’s important to winterize your sprinkler system to prevent costly repairs to the system and your commercial property. If you’re performing winterization, know that there’s more to it than simply turning off the sprinkler controller. Consult a professional who performs commercial landscaping services in Raleigh to ensure the proper winterization of your irrigation system.

Get Rid of Autumn Leaves and Debris Right Away

Don’t wait for the last leaf to fall from the trees. Keeping your lawn free of debris will stop moisture retention, which attracts pests, smothers the grass, and creates fungal conditions. Additionally, fall is a good time to get in touch with an arborist to get your trees ready for a wet winter. Tree debris, such as snow-laden or saturated branches, may break and cause damage to your commercial property. Thus, it’s crucial to get these trees prepared before they do any harm.

Aerate Your Lawn

Landscape fertilizationWhile plants require water, they also need oxygen to survive. When you perform lawn aeration, you allow your lawn to collect nutrients and oxygen, prevent plants from becoming overly saturated, and help them recover from storms.

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Fertilize Your Landscape

A good winter fertilizer gives your plants a chance to hold up to the possible heavy precipitation. It helps them endure tough weather conditions, as well.

Getting your irrigation system winterized, eliminating autumn leaves and debris, aerating your lawn, and fertilizing your landscape can help you prepare your commercial landscape for the snowy season. Making the necessary preparations will make sure that your landscape looks its best year round.