Getting Help: Recognizing the Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

A Man With Alzheimer's DiseaseAlzheimer’s disease is a brain illness that causes a substantial amount of brain cells to die. This impairs the person’s ability to remember things, think clearly, and make sound judgments. The disease begins slowly, with forgetfulness and memory problems getting more serious over time. This causes the person to exhibit personality and behavioral changes as the illness progresses.

Doctors don’t know what causes Alzheimer’s disease. What they do know it that usually starts after the age of 60. Those with the said illness have trouble accomplishing certain tasks like paying bills or driving a vehicle. As the disease progresses, the sufferers will be completely dependent on someone for basic care like eating and bathing.

This makes it important to know the signs of the disease. Las Vegas memory care and assisted living centers note that early recognition of such symptoms helps the person and the loved ones get assistance right away. This also gives them more time to plan for care and treatment. Here are some of the signs of Alzheimer’s disease:

Early stage:

  • Having trouble remembering names, things, and events
  • Losing things or forgetting where they put them
  • Asking the same questions repeatedly
  • Forgetting something they’ve recently read
  • Difficulties in paying bills or managing finances

Middle stage:

  • Feeling irritable or moody in certain social situations
  • Wandering away from home or forgetting how to get home
  • Needing help in choosing proper clothes (for the season or event)
  • Being confused what day it is or where they are
  • Changes in personality and behaviors (suspicions, delusions, hallucinations, and aggression)
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Later stage:

  • Forgetting to comb hair or brush teeth
  • Poor communication/increased difficulty in communicating
  • Losing awareness of surroundings and recent experiences
  • Needing round-the-clock assistance with basic care and daily activities

If you or a loved one thinks that memory problems are getting the way of everyday life, it is best to see a healthcare professional. This is to determine the cause of forgetfulness and have more time to plan for care and treatment.