Getting an ATV? You Might Actually Need a UTV

Driving an ATVPlanning to get an off-road vehicle, but don’t know which one to purchase? ATV and UTV might seem like the same thing, but they’re not. Figuring out how they differ from each other will help you avoid the confusion. Most importantly, it will ensure that you won’t be paying for something you don’t need.

What’s in a name?

Everyone knows what an ATV stands for, but how about the UTV? The acronym stands for “Utility Task Vehicle, ” but people often refer to it as a side by side. This name is adapted from the wide body of the UTVs that allows two people to sit beside each other.

Other than the size and seat lay-out, there are other things that draw the line between the two.

A larger capacity

Depending on the model, UTVs can sit up to six people compared to the usual two-person limit on ATVs. UTVs have a passenger seat beside the driver and benches at the back to accommodate more people. In other UTVs, the extra space is reserved for the payload.

If you’re planning to take your vehicle on off-road nature trips, an ATV might suffice. But if you need a vehicle to haul firewood and other loads, or if you travel in groups, the UTV could be your best bet.

Power and safety

Because of its larger size, UTVs can fit bigger engines. This means the extra power to carry payload.

It’s also this size that makes them harder to maneuver than ATVs. All-terrain vehicles are notorious for being nimble and being capable of plowing through even the most unimaginable terrains. If speed and driving through extremely uneven roads are important to you, ATVs could be a better choice.

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Note, though, that unlike ATVs, some UTVs are capable of driving through water. cites that this amphibious feature can be vital when your trail has streams or minor rivers.

Making the purchase

UTVs come out significantly more expensive than ATVs. But for someone considering purchasing an ATV for professional use, the added features of UTVs can prove vital.

UTVs are work machines, being able to haul payload and transport groups of people. ATVs though remain the perfect ride for adventurers with its agility and lightness.