Get To Know The Big 4 Of Precious Stone Jewelry

Jeweller appraising a pink diamond

Precious stones are treasured pieces that enhance the style of whoever wears them. However, four gems are known to reign supreme among the rest for their toughness, value, and captivating beauty.

One of the top jewelry stores in Toronto, Ontario talks about these exquisite pieces and the reasons they made the cut.


This gem is widely known for its romantic red color, which symbolizes power and passion. In ancient times, the word ruby even meant “King of Gems” so it’s no wonder that this stone is one of the most celebrated insignias for royalties around the world.


Symbolizing eternal love, diamonds have always been the trademark of engagement rings. These are included in a completely separate category and not generally considered as gemstones. You can never go wrong when you offer a diamond to a special someone, as this has been hailed as the ultimate gift.


This type of stone comes in an array of beautiful blue colors, but the most coveted of them is the velvet blue. Sapphires are among the rarest and most expensive stones out there. In some cultures, they are given as the primary stone in an engagement ring because they signify loyalty.


This stunning gem is well loved for its radiant green color. Cleopatra herself was famous for using emeralds to decorate her crown. Egyptian rulers also embellished their chalices with these exquisite pieces. As once been prized possessions by royals, wearing emeralds can definitely make you feel like a royalty yourself.

If you think you’ve found the right gemstone, be sure to consult a gemologist or a trusted jeweler before getting one. Ask them to help you identify natural from synthetic and even plastic ones. This is essential in ensuring that you get the best value for your money.

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