How to get a happier smile

Whitened TeethIn the 21st century, nearly anything is possible with cosmetic dentistry in Wigmore: from small and subtle mouth repairs to full dental transformations. Patients who are unhappy with the way their teeth look need not despair: there are lots of options available to improve their smile.

Can anyone have cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry in Wigmore is for anyone who is self-conscious about their smile, and is available from various dentists, such as Wigmore Dental Practice. Dissatisfaction with one’s smile may be due to gaps between teeth, uneven gum line, discolouration, mismatched restorations or simply a couple of crooked teeth.

All these issues, and many more, can be rectified by using a combination of modern dental techniques and materials, plus a good deal of artistry and skill from the cosmetic dentist.

What to expect

Most patients come for cosmetic dentistry in Wigmore with a set of aspirations, which usually amount to wanting beautifully proportioned teeth that line up in rows of orderly pearly whiteness. A good dentist also has these aspirations at the core of each treatment and will make every effort to ensure all their patients receive the smile they have always dreamed of.

At the initial consultation, the dentist will discuss at length their patient’s expectations and aspirations, and these will form the foundation for all future treatment planning. Patients are usually offered different options, considering timescales, budget and functionality.

Whether the patient decides on a complete smile makeover, or a simple conservative adjustment, they should feel supported every step of the way by a caring and experienced team.

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What procedures are available?

Modern dentistry moves at a very fast pace, with dental technologies and procedures are constantly evolving and improving. Many cosmetic procedures can be combined to complement each other and achieve fantastic results.

Zoom teeth whitening

One of the most popular choices for cosmetic dentistry is Wigmore is Zoom teeth whitening. This is an in-house treatment that bleaches the teeth up to eight shades whiter in less than two hours. The treatment includes the provision of trays, enabling patients to top up their whitening at home whenever they like.