Freshen up!

woman smiling showing teeth half yellow and half whiteTeeth go through a lot, they are almost always in use, either for eating or for talking and smiling. As they work hard for their owners, they get immersed in substances that soak into the porous enamel, leaving behind traces of colour that build up over time into unsightly staining. Gone is the bright, fresh grin, replaced with a dull, yellowish or greyish smile that people don’t much like looking at. Smiles are important communication tools, so it’s worth investing in getting rid of that surface staining so that cheeky grin can function at full beam again. And, thanks to teeth whitening in Camden, getting that lovely smile back is easy.

Teeth whitening in Camden is best done under the guidance of a dentist, and there are several clinics that offer a choice of ways to get this treatment, including Ace Dental.


Before going ahead with treatment, the dentist will always check that the staining is of the kind that can be removed by teeth whitening in Camden. The stains must be on the surface of the teeth. If the teeth are intrinsically discoloured, the dentist will suggest other ways to deal with the problem, such as veneers.

If the dentist gives the go-ahead, the patient can usually choose between fast power whitening in the clinic, or slower at-home whitening.

Power whitening

For this, the dentist protects the patient’s lips and gums with a plastic barrier and then paints whitening gel directly onto the teeth. The gel is activated by a UV lamp and it takes around 90 minutes to achieve the desired shade of white.

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At-home whitening

Patients have impressions taken of their teeth, from which gel trays are made. They take these home, with a milder whitening gel than the one used in the clinic. They put the gel in the trays and wear them over their teeth for a short period of time each day, usually reaching their desired shade of white in 2-3 weeks. The big advantage of this method is that the patient can use the trays again and again, whenever the treatment needs topping up.