First Impressions: Earn Your Client’s Trust Right Away

Talking To A Client

When you meet with a prospective client, make sure that you present a trustworthy image. Remember that your client does not know you, and you may make or break a deal based on first impressions. Do not let appearances stop you from closing in on that business contract.

Once you earn the trust of a prospective client, you are one step away from success. Here are some ways to encourage confidence on a first meeting.

Appearances do matter

One cannot deny that most people judge based on looks. If you show up at the first meeting looking sloppy, the client will think you are. They will also believe that you do sloppy work. How would prospective business partners trust you with their investment if they cannot trust you to dress up?

Case in point: many sales reps and realtors opt for hair transplants procedure in Glasgow so that when they face clients, they would look impeccably good. Hair restoration expert Fue Clinics, however, said not everyone is suitable for hair transplant. Make sure you consult with a specialist before getting one.

Accessories included

Aside from presenting a well-groomed appearance, your accessories also matter. When you are a realtor, and you are about to sell a property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, you cannot go to a meeting using a beat-up truck. You also could not just bring a backpack along.

Your prospective client will equate your worth with your accessories. Do not ever think of bringing anything with holes or one that is tattered-looking, because you will surely get the same response – a negative one.

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Body language matters

One thing more to remember when you are about to meet a prospective client is to make sure that you act accordingly. You have to show confidence but not too much. Make sure that you listen to what your client says, and likewise present your “expertise” on the matter.

Before you head towards that meeting, make sure to look your best, including the accessories you will bring. Your body language must also speak trustworthiness. Now go close that deal.