First Aid Basics: Which Bandage Should You Use?

First Aid Basics in Darra, QLDFirst aid kits come in handy during emergencies such as road accidents, natural disasters or sports injuries. After getting your own first aid kit from Australia Wide First Aid, do not overwhelm yourself with all the medical supplies and bandages.

Learn the different types of bandages, and know how to use them.

Adhesive Bandages

These bandages have a winding spool with adhesive properties that do not aggravate the skin. That means you can apply it directly on the wound. It’s also stretchable, so you can adapt it to any body angle.

Use these bandages to support joint problems caused by sports or occupational injury in ankles or knees.

Roller Bandages

They are bandages with a muslin cloth or cotton yarn fabric. You can stretch them to an extent; you can only use them for toes and fingers. It keeps the dressing in place and puts the right amount of pressure on the injury. They come in different widths, from an inch and a half to four inches.

Gauze Pads and Band-Aids

Gauze comes in various widths and sizes and you use them on open wounds and abrasions. They hold the dressing in place regardless of the injured body part.

On the other hand, band-aids are strips with adhesive ends and antiseptic pads in the centre. Use them on shallow wounds or scratches.

Butterfly Bandages

As its name suggests, it is in the shape of a butterfly, with wide ends and a thin centre. They do not contain any antiseptic, but they come with sticky ends like band-aids. You apply them over a cut, with the wings pulling both sides.

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Another bandage that is similar to the shape of a butterfly is the fingertip bandage, which is wrapped around the injured or wounded finger.

Triangular Bandages

These bandages come in a three-inch square packaging, but you can expand after unwrapping it. They hold a large dressing in any part of the body. You can use it to sling an arm, or wrap around an injured wrist or head.

It is heroic to act in times of emergencies, as long as you know the materials and equipment to use.