Feeling Blue? Do Something Meaningful

woman preparing donationsEveryone has bad days. Sometimes you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and nothing can shake off that annoying feeling. Some days everything is going right until your boss says something that makes you feel miserable the whole day.

It’s easy to let these negative incidences get you down. If you want to fight them, however, all you have to do is be kind and do something meaningful:


Got a lot of things at home that is stuck there cluttering your basement? It might be the best time to let them go. Do it by donating to charities, so you feel fulfilled after the good deed. You don’t need to choose something expensive, and anything can be donated. There are even car donation companies out there, so you can donate old vehicles for a good cause, too.

Write Notes

You may be having a crappy day, but you can still make someone else smile. This might turn your mood around and help someone who’s going through something difficult. A small note on your friend’s desk or a thoughtful message to your spouse will be greatly appreciated. Better yet, write a letter to yourself and read it on your next bad day. Keep this going so you’ll always have something nice to remember even when you think the world is against you.

Take Photos

Diverse volunteers taking a selfie togetherWhat better way to turn your emotions into art than by capturing artistic photos? If you’re having a bad day, treat your Instagram to a photo of your beloved pet, your favorite book, or even your favorite hangout spot. The simple act of taking pictures shows you that you can frame a situation however you want. This way, you’ll have something nice no matter how bad the situation gets.

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