F on the Ideal Motor Shaft Length

A man fishing on a boatWater covers over 70% of the earth’s surface. If you are eager to explore these water bodies, then buying a pontoon boat for fishing is a recommended first step. Purchasing a trolling motor for your pontoon boat should be the next step as it will significantly boost your fishing.

An important consideration when buying your trolling motor is its shaft length. While choosing your boat among the pontoon boats for sale in Michigan might be easy, picking the right shaft length for its motor might be tricky. This is because of the high deck found on pontoon boats as compared to other boats. That said, below are a few considerations you should take into account when deciding on the motor shaft length.

Location of Your Trolling Motor

Where you place, your trolling motor is essential regarding the shaft length. You can choose to put the motor on the bow, the rear or right on your main motor. If you decide to place the trolling motor on your bow, then the shaft length will be slightly longer. This is because the bow is higher compared to the rest of the pontoon boat.

Water Conditions

The conditions of the water bodies you intend to fish in also influences your shaft length. For rivers and lakes that are calm, short shaft lengths will suffice. On large water bodies with excess waves, long shafts are the ideal option.

Your Boat Clearance

The amount of clearance space your boat offers will influence your decision to mount your trolling motor on the bow. You can, however, redesign the front gate of your bow to make it possible to install the motor on your bow. Alternatively, you can opt for a different location if you do not have enough clearance on the bow. All the above factors will significantly influence the ideal shaft’s length.

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Excessively long shafts can, however, be cumbersome when they stick up too high on your boat deck. The general rule when calculating your trolling motor shaft length is to measure the distance between your motor mount and the water. You can then add 18-22 inches to the value you get.