Eyewear Trends for 2018

Eyewear Fashion TrendsIt is not every day that you will know the latest trend in eyewear. Eyewear brands always innovate to impress their customers and to make sure they provide not only function but also fashion. For 2018, here are the rising trends in eyewear fashion.

Updated classics

Many eyewear brands are reinventing classic glasses and giving them a modern appearance. Classic frames give anyone a more professional impression.  It is best to find the colour and structure that will be best for your face shape.

Thin frames

Say goodbye to your chunky, heavy and large pair of sunglasses. This year is the time for thin frames. Designers say that thin frames make the wearer appear more graceful and confident. If you want to use thin frames, consider proper-fitting frames, especially if you like minimalist fashion.

Pastel Hues

Flashy and super vibrant colours dominated the eyewear market last year. This year, many eyewear makers are finding pastel hues more attractive for their clientele. People are now finding pastel hues more flattering to female features.  Eyewear manufacturers are also finding that pastel colours are much more enticing to the younger crowd.


Some eyewear makers use acetate because it is light, strong, and hypoallergenic. These glasses can use a range of rich colours because they offer a range of transparency not possible in plastic. Acetate is more often used for expensive brands due to the meticulous nature of the work involved in their creation.


2018 is the year for metal frames, but people still love the extra protection that blinkers or side shields provide. For those who love the sun, blinkers add another layer of protection, but also another area where they could make eyewear design appealing and intricate.

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Eyewear is not something that people only use for health and safety reasons. These days, they have become a fashion accessory that unites both form, function and the latest technology.