Estate Plan Drafting: Choosing Your Attorney

Couples doing estate planningTo some, estate planning is a great move to ensure that everyone in their family receives a sufficient sum in case they succumb to death. While it is indeed a great way to properly divide and transfer your properties among those whom you will leave behind, there are certain complications you might encounter as you start drafting the document.

This is why it’s crucial for you to choose your lawyer carefully to ensure that you’re making the best decision as you get on with the process. To help you search for the right attorney, here’s what you need to remember.

The Focus of their Practice

Find an attorney who works exclusively under estate planning. Remember that there’s a big difference between a person who has handled estate planning from someone who works solely under this field. These are two different attorneys. If you want to have a properly drafted will for your loved ones, you need someone who has a focused experience on this field alone.

Client Feedback

Another great way to measure the skills and ability of an attorney to handle this type of legal concern is to hear what people have to say about them. You’ll find that most estate planning lawyers in Utah receive positive feedback from their previous clients, which is an indication that they are good at their job.

Licenses and Certification

Whether or not it is for drafting a trust and estate plan, you should always choose an attorney who is board certified. Other than the license to practice, there’s a separate certification required to become a professional estate planner.

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Estate planning lawyers are required to spend a few years of practice in this specific field before they get certified. To confirm their affiliation and license to practice, you can always check the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys for the list of members they have.

These are the things you must take into account when searching for an estate planning attorney. While you may opt to do things on your own, having the assistance of an expert allows you to cover everything you need. So it’s always great to work and talk to a pro regarding this matter.