Enhancing Appearance

Smiling Woman With Great TeethProblems with the appearance of the teeth can cause a person to struggle with their overall self-image.Even a small dental imperfection can have a big effect. Cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland, at dental practices like Blue Sky Dentistry, gives people the chance to make improvements that enhance their aesthetic appeal, and reduce concerns about their overall appearance. Treatments like teeth whitening or dental veneers can bring a speedy and significant boost to a person’s aesthetic appeal.

A range of options

For patients in Northern Ireland, cosmetic dentistry comes in a variety of forms. Treatment will usually begin with a conversation, between the dental team and the patient, about how the patient would like their appearance to change.

Tooth discolouration is one of the main reasons people opt for cosmetic dental treatments. It usually happens over many years, as the food and drink a person consumes leave traces of colour on the surface of their teeth. These traces can build up into unsightly stains. Teeth whitening treatments give patients a bright white smile and a mouth that feels fresh.

Chipped teeth, or teeth that have gaps between them where they ought to meet, can be improved by the application of dental veneers. These are thin segments of porcelain, securely attached to the surface of the teeth with a powerful adhesive.

More complex treatments

The positioning of the teeth can often be cosmetically unsatisfying. Prominent front teeth or crowded smiles can look unpleasant at social events in Northern Ireland. Cosmetic dentistry provides subtle and effective realignment treatments. Braces and aligners are made of transparent or tooth-coloured materials, so the patient can get through the treatment without attracting unwanted attention.

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Sometimes the patient has several problems at once. A smile makeover will provide a comprehensive transformation, using a combination of treatments to give the patient the great-looking teeth they’ve always wanted. Contemporary techniques like digital smile design ensure that the most effective options are chosen.

Facing the future

Cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland gives people the chance to enhance their aesthetic appeal. Payment plans are available, so that patients can access treatment at the time it’s needed.