Drug Addiction: Not Simply a Choice

Drug Addiction in North CarolinaA lot of people think that substance abuse is “all in the mind”, that it can be easily stopped if the person just puts his will into it. In recent years these assumptions have been put to the test with the help of studies on addiction. While it is true that psychological factors play a role, genetics also contribute to the predisposition of an addict.

First Step Services LLC, a drug rehab center in NC, outlines some factors in substance abuse below.

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a chronic compulsive and uncontrollable drug use even if the user experiences harmful effects. To understand the underlying cause of addiction, understand how it starts. Changes in the brain can result from drug abuse. It is true that the first time the person tries drugs is voluntary but over time, the changes in the brain compromises the person’s ability to stop.

Consider other factors like heredity as well. The environment is a known factor that plays a role in addiction, but most people are not aware that addiction is also hereditary. It may take different forms in each generation like alcohol abuse, excessive gambling and drug abuse, but they are all part of the same tree. The choices people make, like using cocaine, can actually alter their DNA, which are then passed on to their children.

Spotting an Addict

Drug addicts don’t try drugs the first time thinking they may become addicted to it. They may use drugs for the first time to have fun, to alleviate pain or simply to go to sleep but eventually they develop dependence to the point that they cannot function without them. Drug addicts build up a tolerance, which forces them to take bigger and higher doses to experience the same effects they used to feel with smaller ones. They may also neglect their responsibilities at work, home or school. This may lead to fights at home, with friends and family. Eventually, when they try to stop, they experience withdrawal symptoms like sweating, chills, nausea and restlessness. At this point, a drug rehab is an option.

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Drug rehab centers and programs can help overcome addiction. It is a long and hard journey to recovery, but with the right support and program, it is very much possible to recover from drug addiction.