Dress Like a Cowboy, the Hero of the Old West

Man wearing cowboy style outfitThe Old West has become quite a mystery in the imagination of the United States. Films and television shows about such a time have elevated the period of exploration as a time of great heroics. Of course, the subject of these heroics lies in the form of the cowboy.

Heroes of the Old West

Cowboys have become legendary figures in themselves. It may be no wonder then when people want to dress up like the heroes of the Old West. Do you want to be a cowboy too? You can take a look at the list below to complete your cowboy outfit.

The Hat

A cowboy outfit can be boiled down to five essentials, while other elements are optional. These essentials firstly include the hat. The hat may perhaps be the signature piece of a cowboy. You can choose either a felt or a straw hat. Felt tend to be more expensive, although straw hats work better in hot weather.

The Boots

Next, you can choose cowboy boots for men; a basic leather boot can already look good. As for the style, you can pick a roper style boot that has a flat heel and a round or square toe when you intend to walk more. Otherwise, if you will ride more, you can choose the taller riding heel.

The Belt

Thirdly, you will need a belt. A trophy buckle belt may be your best choice but stay away from fake ones. In terms of affordability, you can also choose a simple leather belt; match its color with the color of your boots.

The Clothes

Finally, you need the jeans and shirt. Any denim jeans can work although they must have enough length to cover the tops of your boots even while you are sitting down. As for the shirt, a button-down western shirt with either short or long sleeves will work perfectly.

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You only need the pieces above to truly become a cowboy. However, you can add other pieces such as a bandanna, chaps, and gloves. You can even add guns, a knife, and spurs to your outfit.