Dentures in Farnham that Fit

Woman getting her dentures checkedAs people get older, keeping in shape becomes ever more important. The challenge to stay fit and healthy is further aggravated when people start to lose their teeth. Whether the teeth crumble from night-time grinding, have to be extracted due to decay and infection, or come loose in their sockets due to gum disease, it is always a wrench to say goodbye to a vital chewing tool. On the bright side, there have never been so many great ways to replace teeth, and researchers are continually improving available techniques such as dentures using new materials and techniques to make them more lifelike and easier to wear.

One good trick to finding a dental practice that can make good dentures in Farnham is to use one that has its own in-house dental technician, such as Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic.

Dentures today

Dentures are removable false teeth that are attached to a plate that resembles gum tissue. Partial dentures replace just a few teeth, while complete, or full, dentures replace all the teeth.

Dentures are now much better fitting, more comfortable and more realistic looking, but are still dogged by a reputation for problems that came with old technology. Problems such as not looking very realistic, with too-white teeth and too-pink gum, or teeth that bore no resemblance to the ones they were replacing.

Dentures could also be embarrassingly badly fitting, sliding around in the mouth and causing whistling and speech problems.

Fortunately, these days dentures are so much better. New improved stains and resins for the gum parts, and custom-made artificial teeth, help technicians create more beautiful, natural smiles. They often refer to old photographs in order to recreate the patient’s original teeth, in size, shape and colour.

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The new materials come alongside a better understanding of how to manage different mouth and jaw shapes, as well as the muscle skills of the patients receiving the dentures.

The actual processes of making dentures have also advanced. Dentures in Farnham can now be made with injection moulding techniques that improve accuracy of fit. Also, denture makers are far more skilled in creating dentures that look natural.