Dental Implants to the Rescue

Dental ImplantDental implants in Buckinghamshire are a great way of fixing a gap in your smile, whether it is one tooth or several. There is nothing quite like having a beautiful set of teeth, but as life would have it, we have accidents and lose teeth. We also don’t always take care of our teeth in the way we should which can lead to decay and gum problems, and even cause the teeth to fall out on their own!

Dental implants in Buckinghamshire are offered by many dentist centres, including Smile Design Dental who would encourage you to book an appointment if you are looking for advice on getting dental implants or any other procedure but you have missing teeth. When you lose a tooth, for whatever reason, it is important to seek dental advice as soon as possible, in order to save as much bone and to prevent the remaining teeth closing in on the gap which has appeared.

When you have gaps in your teeth for a long time, the skin on the face can begin to recede in, giving you a drawn and aged appearance – not a great look, and dental implants in Buckinghamshire helps to restore this damage caused, by providing teeth to hold the face up and prevent in sagging. Most dentists will examine your mouth to see the extent of the damage caused to your teeth, jaw bone, and gums, and then they will discuss a treatment plan for you, and explain how dental implants work if you are eligible to have them.

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The dental implants themselves are small titanium screws which will be drilled into your jaw bone. A bridge or crown will them be applied as a temporary tooth whilst the screw becomes better embedded in the bone. One the screw has healed, the dentist will remove the temporary tooth and replace it will a custom made, natural looking dental implant which will last you up to twenty years.

The dental implants can be looked after in the same way you look after your natural teeth; brushing, flossing and using mouth wash, as well as having regular checkups with your dentist are important to maintaining optimum oral health.