Cosmetic dentistry in Farnham: what’s available

Woman ready for her teeth whiteningFor many patients, problems with the visual aspects of their teeth can have a huge effect on self-confidence levels. Dentists who practice cosmetic dentistry want patients to be able to smile confidently knowing that their smile is healthy and looks as good as it feels.

Dental practices such as Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic offer a wide range of treatments for cosmetic dentistry in Farnham. Most cosmetic concerns can be dealt with using today’s modern techniques. The dentists will always recommend a treatment that will do no harm to the patient’s teeth, only improve their dental health or how they look.

Teeth whitening

The most popular treatment in the UK is teeth whitening. This treatment is so popular because it offers a quick, cost-effective boost to the way a patient’s teeth look.

Most teeth whitening involves peroxide-based whitening gels, which is clinically proven to be both effective and safe. Teeth whitening trays will be manufactured to fit snugly around the patient’s teeth. This ensures that the whitening gel has as much contact with the surface of the teeth as possible.

Cosmetic bonding and teeth reshaping

In Farnham, cosmetic dentistry is continuously evolving along with the rest of the world. Porcelain veneers have been a staple of cosmetic dentists up and down the UK for many years. They provide a cost-effective solution for teeth discolouration and any issues a patient may have with the shape of their teeth. However, porcelain veneers do require a layer of enamel to be removed from the teeth to be treated, in order for the veneers to adhere effectively and lie flush with the surrounding teeth.

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Cosmetic bonding is another treatment that can be used to treat misshapen, discoloured or chipped teeth. Cosmetic bonding uses tooth-coloured materials that bond directly onto the tooth’s surface, changing their shape and colour.

Teeth straightening

Another area of treatment that has evolved a lot over the years is teeth straightening. Patients can now straighten their teeth faster and more comfortably than ever before. There are several treatments that are also considered almost invisible.

These treatments can enhance a person’s smile without enduring treatment with unsightly metal braces.