Continued Professional Development Support for Dentists in the UK

Dentists are required by the General Dental Council to undertake continuing professional development (dentist CPD) in Watford in order to continue their career as registered and approved dentists. A dentist’s primary qualification is just the first step in their education. Modern dentistry is ever-evolving so it’s important for dentists to constantly update and refresh their knowledge. Dentist CPD in Watford is defined as activity that contributes to professional development and is relevant to a dentist’s professional practice.

Modern dentistry is moving fast

The ever-improving advances in modern technology mean new treatments appear fast. Dentists need to keep on top of new technology to offer the best treatments on the market and keep up with patient demand. After all, when a practice doesn’t offer the best products and services, their patients will begin to look elsewhere. CPD can be daunting for both new and established practices. Luckily, new technology is designed to be user-friendly. Training and information are available for dentists to make sure they can not only get their hands on the latest treatment technologies but can also master how to use them quickly. Luckily dentist CPD in Watford can help keep dentists up-to-date. Attending conferences such as Wisbora Conferences in Watford allows dentists access to updates on technology and treatments, along with support for many other aspects of CPD.

Why pick a dental CPD conference?

Attending a conference for dental CPD in Watford aims to provide everything a dentist will need for CPD throughout their working life. Example topics can include:

  • Effective leadership/management
  • Dental accounting
  • Dentist income protection
  • Improving your private potential
  • NHS rules and regulations
  • Preparing for a CQC inspection
  • Hands-on basic life support and CPR/AED training
  • Safeguarding
  • Tips and tricks for everyday practice across all specialities.
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What do dentists need to do to fulfil UK regulations?

It is important that dentists keep an up-to-date record of all their CPD activities. Dentists are required to submit a statement of their CPD every year according to the enhanced continued professional development (ECPD) guidelines of January 2018. This should include documentary evidence of their dentist CPD in Watford and elsewhere, plus a copy of their yearly Personal Development Plan (PDP).