As Philadelphia’s trusted health news resource, we constantly want to get moving to serve you better. Move Inline needs the help of our readers to do just that. You hear of online publications that want to hear from you. We don’t just want to hear from you; we need to hear from you. What you think matters, because what you think can make us better.

We can’t stress how important your feedback is to us. Your questions and concerns are what move us to provide the best of what we can offer.

You can tell us what you want more of. If you love our section on the latest fitness hacks and diet supplements, give us your word, and we’ll make you love it even more. If you feel that our subscription system needs improvement, let us know.

As our valued readers, the power to make us even better is in your hands. One phone call can mean a new feature on our website. One email can turn into a life-changing collection of health hacks. Above all, any one of these can build a stronger, more trusting relationship between our readers and us.

Apart from our passion for good health and excellent service, you make us who we are. So, let us hear what you need us to hear from you. Contact us today, and get ready to move in line with a much-improved Move Inline. Your call can make that happen.

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