Christmas Dinner Checklist

Christmas Dinner ChecklistChristmas is almost here. Do you have everything you need for the best Christmas dinner this year? Here’s a checklist of dishes usually served for dinner in this most wonderful time of the year.

Wow them with appetizers

Don’t stress over appetizers. This year, you can go for simple, elegant ones that pack so much flavor they’d think you slaved all day in the kitchen. Try some pears with blue cheese and prosciutto. Just cut up some pears in thick half-moons and wrapped the cheese-pear combo with thin, salty prosciutto. If you don’t have pears, try some melon. Prosciutto too expensive for you? Try some bacon! Best of all, no cooking involved.

Star of the Night: The Christmas Dinner Roast

You can roast beef, chicken, pork and even turkey for Christmas. It really depends on what your family likes and what you can do with less pressure. But of course, glazed ham is always the best go-to option. But you can also make stuffed pork pot roast. Whatever you plan to roast, give it the most time and love. After all, the roast is always the start of the night!

Don’t forget the gravy!

There are many instant gravy mixes in the market today but nothing beats homemade gravy. If you forgot to save the juices and trimmings from whatever you decided to roast this year (beef, chicken or pork), don’t panic, you can also use a chicken base to make the gravy.

Seal the deal with desserts

While baking Christmas cookies is part of the whole holiday shebang, baking desserts for dinner can be stressful. With all the cooking and roasting already in the works, you’d be tempted to just buy a cake from the store. Well, you can get store-bought cake and jazz it up with fruits and cream to make at a trifle. It’s tasty. It’s elegant and nobody will know that it’s pre-made.

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Happy Holidays!

The Christmas dinner is probably one of the most stressful to make, probably because there’s so much to be done before the whole family arrives for the food and all the gifts. But don’t worry, there are many ways on how to prepare a great holiday feast without losing your sanity.