Choosing the Right Mobility Aid

Man on electric wheelchairMore than 17 million adults have issues with mobility or do not have the ability to walk any kind of distance. These people still have varied and active lives with the assistance of mobility aids. As everyone’s life is different, people have distinct equipment needs. One person may even need alternative types of assistance in different areas or locations.

A wheelchair user can choose from a number of options when it comes to meeting their needs. If they want to cover uneven terrain and longer distances, they might consider a powerchair. If they want to play sports, there are wheelchairs designed for this. However, they may also want something for everyday use around the home and over short distances. If someone is going to propel their wheelchair themselves or want to lift it into a car, the weight of the chair becomes more of a consideration. Lightweight wheelchairs, from a supplier like Karma Mobility, are the ultimate in modern, simple mobility.

Making choices about lightweight wheelchairs

Once someone has decided that they want a lightweight wheelchair, there are other considerations to take into account such as:

  • Do they want a folding or rigid chair? The lightest available models are often rigid. However, if someone is only using their chair part-time or they want to transport it frequently, they may want it to be foldable for ease of storage;
  • If someone is going to lift their chair into a car by themselves, they may want it to be as light as possible. It is possible to have a car adapted in several different ways to help people get around with lightweight wheelchairs.
  • Loss of mobility usually comes as a result of illness or injury. Either of these can be accompanied by pain or discomfort. If someone is feeling tender, the last thing they want is a bumpy ride in a wheelchair. If this is a consideration, they can ask their local dealer about things like pneumatic wheels and castors to help mitigate any strong movement when wheeling over rough terrain.
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These are just some of the ways in which lightweight wheelchairs can be adapted to suit various lifestyles. Talking to an experienced dealer can help someone take full advantage of the various innovations.