Changing Times: An Alternative to a Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond ringTraditionally, when you think of wedding proposals, you likely think of diamond engagement rings. Today, Millennials have stirred things up in the engagement ring industry. According to a news report, more and more millennial couples opt for custom-made engagement rings.

A Love So Unique

Young couples want rings that express their love’s uniqueness. These couples play around with the colors and metals that their engagement rings are made of. Otherwise, they choose other gemstones either to replace diamond or to emphasize the diamond. Young couples commonly choose alternative gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, morganite, and pearls. Others also choose a special lab-made stone called moissanite.

Now, you may be looking for the perfect engagement ring for your significant other. What engagement ring will you purchase? Out of all the options you have, you may consider buying a moissanite engagement ring.

Diamond Alternative

You can choose a moissanite gem on your engagement ring when you want the look and chemical properties of a diamond but not a diamond’s price tag. According to an industry expert, a single karat of moissanite will cost you only between $350 and $450. Is it too good to be true?

Moissanite History

A chemist discovered moissanite in a meteorite crash back in 1893. Back then, the gem was mistaken to be diamond due to similar qualities. As time passed, however, the gem was dubbed moissanite, and labs learned how to manufacture the gem perfectly.

Perks of Moissanite

Since labs can create a perfect moissanite gem, you can buy a moissanite engagement ring at an affordable price. Moissanite also looks exactly like a diamond. In fact, according to scientific data, moissanite has more sparkle than diamond.

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Now, some may object that although moissanite looks like diamond, it still is not diamond. Although the previous is true, trends show that young couples want uniqueness out of their engagement rings than just the glamor, beauty, and opulence of a diamond. You yourself may want your engagement ring to be unique. You can make your ring unique with a moissanite gem.