What Can You Find at the Orthodontist in Glasgow?

invisalign bracesWhy do people need to work on their teeth? Straightening the teeth improves the functionality of the mouth, so the pressure of the bite is evenly spread, helping to protect the teeth, gums and jaw so they work together and help maximise oral health.

But what brings most people to the orthodontist in Glasgow is the incentive of a beautiful smile.While healthy and good-looking teeth go hand in hand, friends, family and strangers will be unlikely to notice underlying gum issues, but they may notice a change in the smile. The first step to restoring someone’s confidence in their appearance is finding an orthodontist in Glasgow, such as Park Orthodontics.

Decisions, decisions

Back in the day, going to the dentist to straighten the teeth meant getting metal braces, simple as that. However, overtime technology has developed, allowing for alternative methods to treat misaligned teeth. The dentist can examine the patient’s gums and teeth, and find the right treatment to suit their needs, wants and budget.

Clear fixed braces

Clear braces are suited for those who feel conscious about having to wear a traditional metal brace, perhaps as an adult. They function as metal braces do, but instead of being made of metal, they’re made from clear crystal sapphire to match the rest of the teeth.

Invisible lingual braces

These braces are subtly attached to the inside of the teeth. This is another option to consider for adults who are worried that metal braces might be an inconvenience, such as those whose careers involve a lot of public speaking or time in front of the camera.

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Invisalign are clear, removable aligners. There are pros and cons of the fact that they are removable, but generally they allow people to go on eating and brushing their teeth as normal. The downside of Invisalign, is that they are not suitable for more complex cases.

There are more options out there, but the type of treatment received will depend on what the dental practice offers and the patient’s individual circumstances. Booking a consolation at the orthodontist in Glasgow sooner rather than later, will set the teeth on the right track to a great smile.