How Can Children Benefit from Visiting a Dental Clinic in W1?

woman at the dental clinicOral health is as important for children as it is for adults. And while most parents understand that visiting the dentist should be an important part of every child’s oral health routine, others fail to realise this. Taking a child to the dentist from an early age will not only help them keep on top of their oral health, but will also make them feel less anxious and introduce them to a lifetime of good oral habits.

Diligent oral hygiene habits are often rooted in childhood and that’s the reason why many adults have bad oral health. Most dentists suggest bringing children to a dental clinic in W1, such as Harley Street Dental Clinic, from an early age – typically soon after their first teeth appear. Regular examinations and cleanings will prevent problems from forming and help keep their teeth and gums clean and healthy for longer.

What happens at the dental clinic?

Quality dental care is essential for children and a dentist should be a friend rather than someone intimidating. In order to achieve that, it is ideal to visit a dental clinic in W1 at least every six months. The more children are exposed to the dentist, the less they are afraid of them. Most dentists dealing with children are sufficiently trained in providing a friendly, relaxing and educational atmosphere.

During the first visit, children will have their teeth examined thoroughly. X-rays and digital images may be taken to look into the state of the children’s teeth and gums and determine if there are any cavities or structural problems with their teeth.

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Dental examinations are usually accompanied by a thorough removal of plaque from the teeth and gums. Children who are more prone to tooth decay may have fluoride applied on their teeth or have their molars covered with sealants. These are thin coats of plastic that are attached to the surface of the teeth and prevent bacteria from entering inside them.

When the dental check-up is over, dentists will educate children on proper brushing and flossing techniques and offer valuable advice on diet and healthy oral hygiene habits.