Buy These Before Bringing Home A New Pet Dog

DogHaving a new pet dog is always exciting. As a new pet owner, however, you should be aware of your new pet’s basic needs and be able to provide for them.

Here are some things you should have before taking your pooch home.

Enough Food to Keep Him Well Fed

Buy pet food before going home, but make sure that you get the same type that the dog eats in his first home. Hence, if the breeder or the pet shelter feeds the pooch a certain brand, this is the type you must feed him.

Don’t forget to ask about his feeding schedule. If you want to change his diet, however, you must do so gradually.

Collar and Dog Bowls

Make sure you have at least two dog bowls ready – one for his food and another for his water. Choose a specific spot where these two things will be placed, somewhere that the dog can easily access. The water bowl should be kept filled and fresh at all times.

Pet Shampoo and Anti-Flea Powder

If you’re bringing home a stray or a rescue, you’ll have to give him a good long bath and some flea powder to make sure he doesn’t have any bugs lurking about. You can also use a spot-on treatment for a more comprehensive flea control.

Of course, this rule does not apply if you’re bringing home a puppy, as these young ones are sensitive to the strong chemicals in flea control products. Ask a vet beforehand.

Many Newspapers

It’s possible your dog is not potty trained so buy some old newspapers that you can use as a temporary bathroom before training starts. This is especially true for puppies.

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More than anything, your dog’s record should be with you when taking him away from the breeder or the shelter. Before going home, however, swing by the vet and have the pooch checked out completely to ensure good health.