Businesses are Striving to Become Carbon Neutral

Go GreenMany businesses are trying to go green in an effort to reduce the impact on the environment. Increased concerns over climate change, pollution, and habitat loss are forcing companies to seek solutions to minimise their impact to the environment. Companies are going green in several ways by using recycled materials, using organic suppliers and switching to renewable energy, amongst others.

While these measures help to become more green, many companies are striving to become completely carbon neutral. In essence, they want to erase their carbon footprint and create a positive impact on the climate. Jiva Dental for instance, are recognised as the first carbon neutral cosmetic dentist in Surrey. They have maintained their carbon neutral status by switching to clean energy, using sustainable materials and equipment in their practice.

Understanding Carbon Neutrality

Carbon neutrality is about creating a positive impact on the environment that is equal to the negative impact. It is about erasing the carbon footprint of humans, which is essentially, the amount of CO2 gas that we produce. Fossil fuels and energy generation are one of the main sources of carbon emissions.

To neutralise the carbon footprint, businesses need to take several measures to become more environmentally friendly. Common measures include switching to renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power, using sustainable materials, recycling and sourcing local supplies.

Why it Matters

Carbon neutrality matters because it helps fight the effects of global climate change. Air pollution, particularly carbon emissions, traps heat in the atmosphere, leading to elevated global temperatures. This rise is temperatures is causing devastation to our environment and causing habitat loss. To make a difference, fighting climate change needs to be a global effort, with every country and sector of society needing to lower their carbon footprint.

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Companies who want to become carbon neutral are doing their part to help lessen the human impact on the environment. It is more than maintaining a good reputation — it is about doing what is right. So what can you do to reduce your impact to the environment?