Building a Sunroom: Spotlight on Windows

SunroomAside from offering much-needed natural light during the day, sunrooms provide a relaxing space at night for unwinding. When building a sunroom in your home, the windows are among the most crucial elements because they essentially make up a sunroom.

To help you choose the right windows for your sunroom, outlines some important things to consider:

How the Windows Would Open

On windy days, you’d want your windows to be open, so you could enjoy the fresh breeze from the outside. You choose from fixed windows and windows that open.

Windows that open include casement windows, slider windows, awning windows, and double-hung windows, and these all open and close differently. If you want your sunroom to open to a patio or deck, consider incorporating classic French doors into the design, suggests an interior designer in Salt Lake City.


For the majority of households, regular Energy Star-approved windows would suffice. But if you want more energy efficiency, go for windows with double-paned glass and low-emissivity coating that aids in keeping heat from seeping into your home during hot days and escaping during cooler days. If you have the budget, you could also opt for triple-paned windows with argon gas insulation for superior energy efficiency.

The Material

Choosing the right window material is important since it would dictate how your sunroom would look and how much maintenance your windows would require. Vinyl windows are very affordable; they come in a variety of colors and don’t need painting, but are ideal for simpler homes, as they would look rather incompatible with homes with grander facades.

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Clad windows offer similar benefits, but are made up of wood that’s covered with aluminum or vinyl. Wooden windows are timeless and lend an upscale flair to a sunroom, but would require more maintenance.

Additionally, keep in mind that you would need at least 20 windows for your sunroom, so the material, style, and cost would have a significant effect on your project. While it could be daunting to decide which window style to go with, considering the factors mentioned here would help you narrow down your options and stick to your budget.