Brighter Smile: Nothing Beats a Dentist-Supervised Procedure

Teeth Whitening In a quest for a brighter smile, you may have tried or are planning to try whitening toothpaste or DIY kits. These promise to brighten your smile in weeks or months, immediately boosting your appearance without needing to see a professional. While these products may remove some surface stains, the safest bleaching method is dentist-supervised.

The truth about whitening toothpaste is that they do not change the natural colour of your smile. Teeth whitening centres in Hertfordshire note that they are more efficient at removing surface stains and can help last the effect of a professionally whitened smile. The effects of whitening kits, meanwhile, depend on the bleaching agent they contain. Some products on the market may not be useful.

Using Custom Trays

Professional bleaching is one effective method of tooth whitening. This is because a dentist or a dental team will supervise the procedure. This involves the use of custom trays (with hydrogen peroxide) that comfortably fits in your mouth. The entire treatment can take three to four weeks, which will be continued at home after the first appointment.

Power or Laser Whitening

Laser whitening is another procedure with dramatic results. This uses laser or a special light that activates the bleaching product on your teeth. The laser helps speed up the reaction of the whitening agent for a quick change in the colour of your pearly whites. This can make your teeth noticeably white, or up to five shades lighter.

Whitening with Expertise and Supervision

Proper whitening depends on the use of the proper method or products like a custom-made bleaching tray. While some companies let customers make their tray, note that only a dentist can ensure appropriate use of such materials. Without supervision, you risk causing damage to your teeth or any dental work. Just like any other dental procedure, a dentist should supervise whitening.

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Tooth whitening can enhance your smile and boost your confidence. Be sure, however, to choose the safest method available. Know that using whitening toothpaste may not change a noticeably yellow smile, and overusing them can lead to sensitivity. Choose a dentist-supervised procedure and get the results you want.