Braces: There’s Never Been Such Choice

Girl Holding OrthodonticsOnly 20 or 30 years ago, if people needed to get their teeth straightened, they were looking at a year, maybe two, or even three, of having unwieldy metal brackets, wires and thick elastic bands on their teeth. These ‘train track’ braces did the job, but they were at times very uncomfortable and always hard to keep clean. However, time and plenty of dental research have moved braces on and there is now in Leeds available, in fact there is something for everyone, no matter what their dental alignment issues may be.

People who are looking into getting braces in Leeds can find them at several dentists, including Enhancedental.

Each braces system differs from the others, so it’s worth understanding what’s available.

Fixed braces

So-called because they are cemented or glued onto the front of the teeth, they usually have brackets and wires. The brackets are cemented on at carefully planned angles. The wires are stretched and tightened through them, thus creating the force to pull the teeth into position. How long treatment takes varies from a few months to a couple of years or more for serious bite correction issues. People with milder issues can usually opt for braces with smaller brackets that are made of clear ceramic, and wires that are tooth-coloured.

Lingual braces

These are glued on to the tongue side of the teeth. The brackets are often made of gold alloy. On the tongue side of the tooth, they are completely hidden from view. They work very well on more complex alignment treatments.

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Clear aligners

These do come under the heading of braces, but are not exactly braces. InLeeds, clear aligners are a series of 3D printed mouth guard-style aligners that snap on over the teeth. The patient works their way through the whole set, wearing each one for one or two weeks. Carefully placed pressure points in each aligner gradually nudges the teeth into alignment. Aligners are removable for eating and cleaning.

Front teeth aligner

One removable appliance that works on the front teeth only. It uses spring-loaded metal bows, or sandwiches of clear plastic to align the teeth. Treatment times can be very quick, from 6-16 weeks.