Basic Safety Guide for Tanning

Tan sexy woman on the beachThere are several reasons why more and more people from all over the world are attracted to tanning. Have you ever tried it before? If you are planning to do so, make sure that you avoid over exposure to UV and protect your skin’s health during the process.

In Australia, you can find tanning kit from different stores and even online. Below is the guideline that you have to follow to attain the best results while preventing your skin from too much exposure:

Moisturise Your Skin

A specifically developed product for tanning indoors called tan enhancer should be used to moisturise and protect your skin. Bali Body Europe notes that It is essential to use a moisturiser before the tanning session and even after it because it reduces the dryness of your skin which is a common effect of exposure to UV when tanning.

48 Hours Waiting Time

Whether you are doing an indoor or outdoor tanning, you have to allow a minimum of 48 hours before another tanning session should be done for health and safety reasons. It is also an advised medical standard because that is how long for your skin to produce melanin and at the same time to tan.

Protect Your Sensitive Areas

If you are planning to go naked, make sure to protect the sensitive parts of your body that are not commonly exposed to UV rays. The amount of light that you need to tan the rest of your body can also sunburn the skin on your underarms, your buttocks, the back of your legs and genitalia. On your first 3 or 4 times tanning naked, cover your sensitive areas halfway through the sessions to slowly exposed them.

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Know Your Limitations

If you are using a sunbed, it is essential to know that there is a limitation for your tanning session to last. If you are a beginner, with fair skin and with freckles, your skin burns easily so tanning session should be short. The more melanin you have, the faster to tan and the risk is less to be overexposed.

It is imperative that you know the basic guideline for your safety while achieving the optimal result of tanning.