Bamboo: An Eco Friendly Alternative to Bedding

Bamboo SheetsBamboo is a plant that is indigenous to many parts of the world. For hundreds of years, it has been used for cooking, construction, transport, medicine, and furniture in Asia. It can also be turned into luxury bedding. Who would have thought that such a simple and unassuming plant is very versatile? Aside from its versatility, bamboo is also an eco-friendly resource.

Why Should You Buy Bamboo Sheets?

Beddings made out of bamboo is not as well-known as cotton, silk, and polyester, hence, many are hesitant to try this. But over the last couple of years, it has proven itself as a wonderful alternative to the more traditional textile materials. Many have learned that the ventilation properties of a bamboo bedding are truly outstanding as they can insulate and cool the body based on the weather or season. And another plus point for this type of bedding is that it is naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and more absorbent than cotton.

Bamboo is Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

If you’re worried about mass deforestation because of the manufacturing of this type of bedding, don’t be. Bamboo is naturally prolific which means, once harvested, it can grow back 20 times faster than any tree making it one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. It is also resilient. It does not require any fertilizers or pesticides to boost its growth, mainly due to the fact that bamboo is naturally pest-resistant.

No fertilizer or pesticide means a greener experience for Mother Nature. And on top of that, it absorbs more carbon dioxide from the air and produces 33% more oxygen than other trees.

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Bamboo is Biodegradable

For the more conscientious consumers, you can breathe a sigh of relief because bamboo is 100% natural and biodegradable, notes Cozy Earth. Unlike plastic, bamboo products that are no longer needed will go back to the Earth leaving a minimal effect on the environment.

Although you may not be that familiar with bamboo bedding, it would do you well to do some considerable research on it. Isn’t it so much better to patronize a product that is proven to be eco-friendly and leaves barely a trace than other products that harm the environment during and after production?