Anorexia and Feelings about Food and Eating

Girl with AnorexiaPeople with anorexia may have an intense of gaining weight, but the disorder itself is more than about going on an extreme diet and shedding pounds. Just like other eating disorders, it is associated with some physical, social, and psychological factors. While being skinny is important to an anorexic, limiting food intake is the most typical anorexic behavior.

Feeling Hungry

Anorexia nervosa treatment centers note that it is not true that sufferers don’t feel hunger. They feel the need to eat, but pretend that they are not hungry or tell others that they have already eaten. It is not that they do not like food or eating. Know that for anorexics things should be perfect, like eating only when they hungry enough or preparing their meal, following their rules and standards.

Strict Rules on Eating

They set strict rules that they almost never break, which can be hard for those who are on a diet. People with anorexia think that eating is acceptable if they do so in the right order or speed or if they consume small amounts, obsessing in calorie counting. Apart from eating as little as possible, they may exercise excessively or take other medications.

Ways of Restriction

It is also important to know that individuals can still have anorexia even If they eat three meals a day. Know that fasting is not the way of restricting their food intakes. For instance, they may eat a normal amount for several days, but with an extreme calorie restriction. They may also eat junk and sugary foods to have physical energy.

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Distorted Perceptions

Sufferers don’t follow strict eating and exercise behavior because of vanity issues. They have a distorted perception of beauty and self-worth, which is one of the signs of the disorder. In most cases, those with anorexia see their body differently than others see it. People, furthermore, do not develop an eating disorder just to get compliments or seek attention.

Anorexia is a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention. It is not solely about problems with food and eating. Their attitudes and behaviors like fasting, calorie counting, and food restriction are symptoms of other issues.