Alone But Not Lonely: How Solo Travellers Can Make Friends in a Hostel

Solo TravellerHostels are gradually becoming more popular than traditional hotels. They attract many travellers, specifically solo travellers, because they are affordable and located near major tourist attractions.

While most solo travellers explore the city alone, they need not feel lonely. Solo travellers visiting the UK for the first time are highly encouraged to book a hostel in London. This would allow them to socialise and make friends with travellers from across the globe.

Those travelling by themselves for the first time may find it awkward to make friends with total strangers. Here are some tips on how solo travellers can break the ice:

Start the Conversation

Solo travellers should not wait for the other person to start a chat. Phrases, such as “Know any good place to hang out?” or “Doing anything fun today?” are great ways to fire up a conversation.

Another good way to start a conversation is to look for objects that can be used as a conversation piece. For instance, a traveller holding a DSLR camera means that they are into serious photography. 

Hang Out in Communal Areas

Hostels have common rooms where travellers can relax and socialise. Solo travellers should pop into these rooms and greet anyone staying there to make friends. Who knows,they can be travel companions and become lifelong mates.

Say Yes to Social Events

Common rooms are not the only places where solo travellers can make friends. They can sign up for social events happening in the city. Where are these places? Hostel notice boards will usually have postings on upcoming events at bars or parks. This is another opportunity for solo travellers to make even more friends.

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No matter how introverted some solo travellers are, they can still make friends when they open up to other people. By doing so, they enrich their travel experience and make it more memorable.