A Brief but Informative Jewelry Pieces Selling Guide

Gold jewelry and pearls in a white boxDifferent people have their own reasons for selling their jewelry pieces. Some would need extra cash fast. Others just want to declutter. Some would want to leave their old memories and failed relationships behind.

Whichever your reason is for selling yours, getting a reasonable amount of the piece that you have is something every seller want. But unfortunately, not every seller gets this because not everyone is knowledgeable about jewelry. Some fall into scams or gets less than what they have.

Selling your jewelry to a Salt Lake City jeweler or online requires more than just having the right place to sell it to. It is important to know what you have to understand and what you can get in return.


The value of jewelry pieces is dependent on a lot of factors. First, the current market value affects the price of your jewelry, especially with gold. Second, the kind of jewelry that you have also says a lot on how much you could get in return.

Classic pieces will definitely cost more than trendy ones, so are antiques. Thus, before deciding to sell your jewelry, it pays to do thorough background check regarding your pieces. This can give you a bargaining leverage and can give you a reasonable amount that you deserve.


This is another important factor that dictates the price of your jewelry. Worn out and damaged pieces will definitely cost less than cleaned and preserved ones. Worn out jewelry can be repaired and restored by a professional but can come at a price.

If the repair fee would cost more than the jewelry itself, then it is best to sell the piece at its intrinsic value.

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Choosing a reputable buyer is always important. Going for referrals is always the best option. If none, it is important to do a thorough background check before entrusting your jewelry to a buyer. Shopping for buyers almost always helps you find the right one.

Now that you know these simple points, you can venture into the actual jewelry-selling field and have the right value for your piece.