5 Tips to Keep Your Gold Jewelry Clean

Man showing the goldGold is still one of the most popular metals used in jewelry making. Even with the abundance of sturdier and more precious metals, many are still attracted to the gleam of gold. If you have gold jewelry at home—whether an heirloom piece or a newly purchased modern one—here are some simple ways on how to clean them properly.

First of all, check if there are any broken or chipped pieces

If you have a chipped gold jewelry, it’s best to take then to jewelers in Salt Lake City before cleaning it. This way, you can ask your jeweler to clean it for you. Moreover, this helps prevent you from chipping off a larger piece or breaking the jewelry if you clean it DIY style.

Use the right cleaning solution

It’s important to remember not to use any abrasive cleaning solution or tools for your gold pieces. In fact, all you need is a bowl of lukewarm water with a few drops of mild dish soap. Mix well, and this is your gold jewelry cleaning solution. Now soak your gold rings or any gold jewelry in the cleaning solution for 20 minutes. Do not go over the 30-minute mark.

Use a soft-bristled brush to get rid of dirt

If you see some caked-on dirt or any grime that is hard to remove, use a soft-bristled brush to get it out. An old toothbrush works well. Brush gently until the dirt and grime become loose. If you don’t have an old brush you can use, you can use a soft cloth to rub gently. After 30 minutes of soaking and brushing, just use plain water to rinse your pieces well.

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Dry your pieces naturally

Don’t be tempted to use a hot dryer to dry your gold pieces. Just let it dry naturally on a clean towel. You can pat some of the areas dry, but it’s advisable to let the towel and the air do the work.

Taking Care of Gold

While you can always use an ammonia and water solution to clean your gold pieces, soapy water is still the safest. Remember, taking care of gold pieces go beyond cleaning. Employ safe usage and storage practices to make your jewelry last a long time.

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