5 Things to Ask before Booking Your Wedding Reception

Planning a Wedding CeremonyThe ceremony is just half of your wedding. The other half is the celebration at the reception. While the former is solemn and shorter, the latter is obviously the opposite. Booking your wedding reception may take less effort than building up a relationship that culminates in a wedding. However, the challenge of choosing the perfect fit is unmatched.

Choosing a wedding reception venue in Kansas City should be carefully done to dampen the hardships of the bride, the groom, and the planner. However, there are still questions to ask to know which of the myriad options will make a wedding day a meaningful one. Below are questions that need to be answered by the venue’s owner or manager.

How many guests can you accommodate?

A venue should detail the venue’s maximum capacity, legal limit for additional seats, and the absolute cutoff. This way you will be able to gauge the number of guests that you can bring.

How much is the cost of renting the venue?

On average, a price of $2,000 would be acceptable. Also, ask if extra costs are included like fancier tables and chairs. Other venues may also require you to separately rent for parking space and even portable toilets.

Will you be providing the sound system?

A venue equipped with a sound system is a good choice. It would be cumbersome and costly to bring your own sound equipment or hire a separate sounds provider.

What is your policy for the length of time a party is held?

A party that lasts for five hours is typical, from the ceremony to dancing. Ask if the venue allows extensions and if additional payment is to be made for such.

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Do you have exclusive vendors, or can we choose them?

From caterers, waiters, to photographers, find out if vendors are provided or if you have to choose. The venue must have a list to show you.

Booking a wedding reception may be stressful. However, if you ask these five important questions, you already halved the process of getting into that special day of love, food, and fun.