5 Grooming Tools Men Must Never Go Without

grooming toolsIf you don’t want to be mistaken for the missing link in human evolution, avoid walking around looking like a caveman — unless it’s Halloween and that’s exactly what you intend to go as. Maintaining personal hygiene doesn’t only make you look and feel good; it also helps you make a good impression.

To keep yourself looking like a modern man, make sure you have the following items in your manly grooming kit.

Double-Sided Comb

The first item on this list is definitely the most basic for any man who prefers growing his hair. The double-sided comb may have two differently spaced widths, but it has more than two functions. The side with teeth spaced closer together distribute product evenly and removes any buildup of dandruff, while the other side makes it easier to untangle any knots and set a style into place. At the very end of the comb is where you’ll find the largest tooth, which helps define the hair part.

Hair Clippers

Haircuts can be expensive when you have them done professionally, especially when you sport a short hairstyle and want to keep it that way. You can be well-groomed and save money at the same time by trimming your hair yourself at home. Some hair clipper sets come with accessories for trimming mustache and beard. You can buy Wahl clippers online to save a trip to the department store.

Electric Razor

Like getting a haircut, shaving can be costly if the tool you use for it needs to be replaced on a regular basis. Instead of using disposable razors, you can invest in an electric razor or trimmer. Many electric razor models have an adjustable head, which allows you to trim your facial hair to stubble or keep it short.

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Nose Hair Trimmer

Those hairs inside your nose have an important biological function: they filter air, preventing dirt from getting inhaled, and keep mucus in, preventing you from embarrassing yourself. This is why the advice regarding nasal hair is to trim them, not pluck them. A nose hair trimmer makes sure your nasal hairs are kept at a functional length inside the nose so that they don’t peek out of the nostrils and become an unappealing distraction.

Nail Clipper

Nail clippers come in two main types: one is for the fingers and another is for the toes. The latter is bigger and has a straight edge. If that sounds too specialized for you, you can go for a large nail clipper, which works well for both fingers and toes. Cut your nails once a week after taking a shower when they’re softer and easier to trim.

There’s something to be said about men who care about their appearance. With the right tool for the job, you can look your best every time you face the world.