4 Non-Negotiables in Making a Long-Distance Relationship Work

a woman talking to her long-distance partner over a laptopMaintaining a long-distance relationship is challenging, as it requires hard work. But contrary to what most people think, it can actually work. Being apart with your partner can be frustrating and heartbreaking, but if you nurture and nourish it well, you can both thrive in this commitment.

Communicate through all possible ways

Open communication is the number one key to making a long-distance relationship work. With all the technological tools available today, making time to talk to each other, despite the difference in time zones, is a lot easier.

Schedule regular video chats and take time to send each other messages about how your day went.

Celebrate every special occasion

It’s important that you are present in each other’s life when celebrating every little milestone. Take time to have video dates and just be with each other on these days. It would also be great if you can pull off surprises.

For instance, if you are in Utah and your girl is in another state, send her something special on special occasions, something that she wouldn’t expect. You can perhaps look at diamond rings in a store in Utah and get something that’s her style.

Manage your expectations

According to Emma Dargie, a PhD clinical psychology student from Queen’s University, based on a study they conducted, the most challenging part of being in this kind of relationship is distinguishing your expectations from the actual situation.

Never compare your relationship to others who are not in the same situation. This would be unfair since there are limitations as to what you can do for each other.

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Spend time with friends and pursue your interests

You still need to enjoy yourself and your own company even if your partner is miles away. There will be times when your partner will be busy because of work, and instead of seeking attention, do things that you enjoy.

Find a new hobby such as doing new workouts, taking film classes, and just spending time with friends that you and your partner trust.

While your set-up may not be ideal, if you are intent on making it work, you can make it work. The most important is knowing that you have a long-term plan. It’s necessary that you know that your current situation is only temporary and that sooner or later, you’ll work on your plan of finally being together.