4 Important Considerations When Buying Custom Jewelry for Your Girlfriend

a woman wearing a pink fringe earrings  Jewelry, especially when customized, will go a long way in letting your woman know that you care and are attentive to her likes. Whatever your pick is, may it be bracelets, earrings, rings or necklaces, giving them a personal touch will make the gift feel even more special.

To get every detail right, it is important to pay attention to some significant factors before heading to any of your favorite New York jewelers. Here are four considerations you should make before buying your girlfriend custom jewelry.


Marking events with gifts makes them memorable. Not all gifts are suitable for every occasion. While giving a ring is widely accepted to mark engagements, the same might not be appropriate for a graduation.

To make your intentions clear and do not send mixed signals, consider what event you are getting it for. A neck piece with a customized pendant will make a perfect birthday gift, while a bracelet with special inscriptions is a suitable graduation gift.

Their Style

Gifts are only significant if they are used. You do not want to give your significant other a present that they will push to the furthest corner of the closet. Consider what their fashion and accessory style is before getting a customized gift.

Do they love antique pieces or are they comfortable wearing popular labels? Will whatever you pick go along with their dressing style? Ensure you pay attention to these and that your gift suits their personal style.

Symbols Meanings

While personalizing your girlfriend’s jewelry, keep in mind some of the commonly used symbols. For example, anchors signify undying love; arrows signify romance, while keys signify the power to unlock the heart. Use cues you have observed from her to inspire your choice.

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With these factors in mind, do not forget to go for quality products. Ensure the dealer is certified and if you are buying online, be certain there are local after-sales services around.