4 Foolproof Signs to Know It’s About Time to Propose to Your Girl

Man proposing to girlfriendThere have been a lot of research findings that say people are marrying much later these days. Is this a good or a bad thing? No one can really tell, but it is safe to conclude that it is more than just age.

Marriage is mostly about you and your partner. Evaluate your relationship before start looking for engagement rings for sale online.

To know if you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level, here are the signs.

You trust and respect each other

Trust and respect are both earned. Trust does not only mean being at peace that she won’t cheat on you or not fussing over when you hear her phone rings. It also means that you trust her to be a good life partner. If you’ve dealt with a lot of trust issues, take a hint.

You share the same values

Ottawa-based matchmaker Ceilidhe Wynn says that it is not necessary that you have mutual interests, but you should be able to share the same opinions on the most important aspects about your life such as religion, culture, whether to have kids or not, and so on.

Otherwise, one of you would have to compromise his or her values.

You have deep knowledge of each other

It is true that it is not about how long you have been together. What it is all about though is how well you know each other genuinely. More than her interests and favorite things, can you really tell that you know her?

Do you know her biggest fears, her weaknesses, her most unattractive qualities, or how she deals with conflicts and copes with stress? You need to know her more than skin-deep.

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Your motivations are right

It is a good sign if you know that you’re in this for the long-haul. Your relationship must be motivated by true love, the desire to reach milestones together and be present in each other’s lives for the good and the bad. If what makes you stay is convenience, that is not a proper motivation, and it’s doomed to fail.

If you tick off all the items above, you can perhaps start looking for engagement rings for sale online. If this and the prospect of a future with her excite you, maybe it really is time to pop the question sooner than later.