3 Ways to Enjoy a Cruise Pit Stop in Costa Maya

Luxury Cruise ShipCruises are the luxury sweet spot of any traveling experience. While there are many offered for different clients, one of the cruises that offer adventure and elegance would be one that stops over at Costa Maya.

If a cruise on the Caribbean is your ultimate sweet escape, here are a few of the best things to do in Costa Maya.

Explore Mahahual

Mahahual is one of the most popular destinations of transient cruise passengers in Costa Maya. The fishing village is just a five-minute cab ride from most cruise stops, and it’s the perfect place to mingle with the locals while also enjoying the best beach clubs.

Make sure to bring your wallets and shopping bags because Mahahual’s main boulevard is a shopping haven for crafts, trinkets, and souvenirs, reported Cruise Critic.

Enjoy the deep blue sea

The beauty of Costa Maya is not limited to its soothing beach horizons and clear waters. Underneath the blue waves is the Meso-American Barrier Reef, which is considered the second largest in the world. This means that one of the best things to do in Costa Maya on a cruise is diving and snorkelling to see the beautiful marine life below.

According to Cruise Radio, tourist can see several varieties of sea life, including stingrays, king crabs, turtles, sharks, and many kinds of fishes.

Check out Chacchoben Mayan Ruins

The Mayan ruins are the remnants of the ancient civilization—and a cruise to Costa Maya may be the closest you can get to the heat of this lost city. Chacchoben is among the most popular site, which is a half hour away from the cruise terminal, reported Eat Sleep Cruise.

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Avail of guided tours when going to these temples and ruins, so you can gain more understanding through informative walking tours.

Costa Maya is more than just a stopover for cruise ships—it’s an adventure of its own, and it’s a must-visit when you have a chance, whether it’s through a cruise or a solo trip.