3 Salon Care Tips You Should Know

hair stylist standing inside salonBesides managing your salon, you should also protect and maintain your investment. It takes a lot of time, cash and labour to fully equip your salon space with durable and quality salon appliances.

By managing your profit and expenses well you could develop your salon and offer better services to your clients. Below are some of the best practices that would help keep your salon equipment in great shape

Keep Chairs and Tools Lubricated

When clients use the salon chair, the cushion is under stress, especially when the treatment takes hours. Chances of a break down are more likely if chairs are not maintained. Shopping for salon chairs time and time again could be quite costly. Keeping the chairs lubricated eases the strain on the hair’s hydraulics. This transfers excess pressure to the support base, boosting its overall performance and longevity.

Regular Clean-ups

Accidents happen, and chemicals used in treatments could spill. Spills would dye the seats differently which could make them unsightly. You must have cleaning solutions and tools ready. Ensure that you wipe out the stains and spots soon before they dry up. Aside from the stains, regular cleaning curbs dust and dirt build up.

Routine Facility Check-ups

A professional touch is critical when it comes to enhancing the life of your salon furniture. Have an expert well versed in salon seats and accessories to thoroughly check on the condition of your chairs at least thrice a year. This ensures issues are detected and fixed when they are still manageable. Also, create time to carry out simple tasks such as tightening and adjusting loose nuts, screws and bolts.

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Besides proper maintenance, you should also inform your employees on how to care for. Proper guidance of utility use is free of charge.