3 Safe Tanning Tips You Should Remember

Tanned woman enjoying a swimPerhaps you love the outdoors and you are planning to get a sexy tan? Here are some safety tips you should keep in mind if you want to get that sexy glow and make it last:

Understand your body’s own tanning time

Everybody has an innate tanning time. This means your skin’s tanning schedule reaches a point wherein it cannot produce more melanin. Once your skin reaches that point, there’s really no point staying out in the sun longer because you are no longer producing the tanning pigment.

If you are fair-skinned, it normally takes less than three hours to reach that melanin-producing cut-off point. If you are not too fair-skinned, lounging out there in the sun for two to three hours is normally okay.

Get some shade once in a while

As much as it is important to use organic tanning oil when you enjoy the sun, Bali Body notes the importance of getting some shade once in a while. UV rays can easily give you a sunburn and not the tan you want. So go on a break and get a drink at the nearby bar because you do need that cocktail and shade. Going on tanning breaks can give you a much healthier and safer tan that lasts longer.

Prepare your skin for tanning

It does not just mean buying the hottest bikini you can find. Preparing your body, especially your skin, means exfoliating before you expose yourself to the sun. Removing dead skin cells will help your skin look fresher and healthier, as well as make your tan last longer. Just make sure you exfoliate lightly and not overdo it.

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Consider these tips to help you get that perfect tan you have been looking for. Remember that getting your tan out there in the sun could be the better option, as it is natural.