3 Essential Pregnancy Facts & Pointers for the First-Time Mother

Pregnancy FactsBeing pregnant means bringing in a new life into the world. It’s unfortunate that many women come into pregnancy with so little knowledge of how to care for their unborn child and themselves. Get a good start on caring for your baby while you’re still carrying them in your womb by keeping these details in mind.

Every Pregnancy is Different – Depending on your medical history, other family member’s past pregnancies and your existing health conditions, your pregnancy may turn out to be a completely different experience from that of female friends and family who has gone through it. Don’t expect that all advice from those who have given birth will all be the same either. Go with what you believe is more applicable to you otherwise, just ask your doctor for advice.

Doctors Know Best –You need to find an OB-GYN that can relate and understand everything you’re going through without setting your feelings aside. Besides giving you medical advice on diet, vitamins, daily exercises and food that you need to avoid, make sure you can discuss even your emotional problems with them without your feelings being belittled. If you need information on the different sensations and stages of pregnancy other than your doctor, Bloomlife says that there are pregnancy tracking apps available.

You Will Put on Weight – Even if you’ve vowed to keep healthy and avoid all the typical food you indulge in, your body is going to house a living being for nine months. Even if you don’t look or feel bloated most days, your body will tip the scales more than you’ll care to see. There’s nothing wrong with that at all and whatever you gain can still be lost eventually once you’ve given birth, provided you practice proper dieting and daily exercise.

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People may choose to volunteer their opinions on how to deal with your pregnancy and that’s perfectly fine. They come from personal experiences and opinions and some of them may be helpful. However, do take note of how you actually feel physically and emotionally and let your doctor know.